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How to travel with your Saint Louve Travel Mini’s

How to travel with your Saint Louve Travel Mini’s

One of the joys of travelling is breaking the daily routines of early morning alarms, work schedules, gym classes, school pick-up and drop-off, grocery shopping, the list goes on. However, one routine that should never be neglected when travelling is our skincare routine.

Our skin goes through a lot when we travel, including changes in climate (see our latest blog on our tips and tricks to manage this), changes in diet and lifestyle can also affect our skin so we want to make sure we are nourishing it with everything it needs while we indulge on vacation.

Harsh aeroplane air along with altered climates and lifestyle changes all have an impact on our skin. Added internal and external stressors can cause a myriad of concerns depending on your skin type including, congestion, breakout, irritation and dryness just to name a few. Saint Louve’s 4 serums are designed to combat all of these concerns ensuring you have radiant skin no matter where your journey is taking you.

Saint Louve is known for its simplified 4 serum skincare system which also comes in a convenient travel pack size. These convenient travel size bottles are designed to be easy to pack into your travel beauty bag, in a convenient 10ml travel size. This means no more excuses, just a flawless holiday glow.

The 10ml travel size bottles mean you can take ALL your essential serums, meanwhile you won’t be taking up precious luggage space on your trip for that extra pair of shoes that you will probably never wear but need just in case.

We recommend using our Vitamin B3, B5 & Hyaluronic acid morning and night to add moisture back into your skin leaving it plump and hydrated whilst also protecting our precious skin barrier. Following this every morning with our 15% Vitamin C - Lustrum serum to help brighten your complexion and lock in moisture for the day ahead.

Our AHA/BHA Exfoliating serum is our travel hero when it comes to breakouts and congestion. If escaping to a warmer climate we suggest exfoliating with this serum 2-3 times a week to aid in the removal of dead skin cells and clear out congested pores. For those keeping it cool for their holidays we recommend using this serum at least twice a week to reduce dry, flaky skin. It is also a great spot treatment for any dreaded breakouts that sneak up and try to ruin our perfect holiday pictures.

Here at Saint Louve, you will never find us going anywhere without our 0.25% Encapsulated Retinol Serum. This serum packed with Vitamin A is going to aid in skin turnover, fight against free radicals and produce collagen and HA to keep our skin looking smooth and youthful all holiday long. We recommend using this 2 nights a week for each decade of age you are. For example, those in their 30’s = 3 nights per week. 

Healthy holiday skin is as simple as that. You can purchase our travel size serums in our Divinity 4 Step Mini Kit or individually as needed. All our Saint Louve Serums are designed to be followed with your moisturiser of choice and never forget your SPF!

Safe travels and enjoy beautiful glowing skin everyday x



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