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Healthy skin from within: Why to extend your skincare regime with a collagen supplement.

Healthy skin from within: Why to extend your skincare regime with a collagen supplement.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and plays an essential role in our hair, skin and nail health. It is responsible for providing structure and support to our skin. As we age, we begin to notice the signs of collagen loss as the dermis loses strength and elasticity. This is when we start noticing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

There are many factors along with the natural ageing process that affect collagen loss over time including genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors. Every individual is different, and the state of their skin will vary but there are many ways to delay these signs of ageing.

Here at Saint Louve, we understand more than most the importance of using the highest-grade cosmeceutical products on our skin to maintain a beautiful, youthful complexion. We see clinically proven results from our serums but there is a way in which you can level up your skincare regime. Now why doesn’t Saint Louve just make a collagen cream? Well, due to the size of collagen molecules which are too large to penetrate the dermis we are unable to effectively improve collagen levels through skincare.

Adding a Supplement to your regime is an incredible way to improve collagen levels while healthy habits will slow down the loss of collagen. Things to avoid include smoking, poor diet, high UV exposure and poor sleep routine.

As with most things in the beauty industry these days, there is an abundance of collagen products on the market. But you need to be careful as not all supplement products are made equally. The first thing to look for is Marine collagen as this source as it is the most bioavailable form of collagen and is absorbed up to 1.5 times more effectively than other forms on the market such as bovine collagen. Also finding a product without any unnecessary additives, keeping it as healthy and pure as possible.

A product we have been loving at Saint Louve is Proplenish Marine Collagen  It is 100% natural and will not only help keep your skin looking firm and youthful but also maintain the health of your hair, nails and muscles.


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