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Don’t forget the neck

Don’t forget the neck

When it comes to skincare, most of us diligently pamper our faces with a meticulous routine. We invest in cleansers, serums (Saint Louve of course), moisturizers, and sunscreen, all aimed at achieving that radiant, youthful complexion. However, there's one crucial mistake that is often made: forgetting the neck and decolletage. Neglecting these areas can lead to premature aging and a mismatched appearance between your face and neck.

The skin on your neck and decolletage share many structural similarities with the skin on your face however are generally thinner which is one of the reasons they are so susceptible to aging. These areas are often exposed and vulnerable to the effects of sun damage and environmental stressors. Neglecting them can lead to a noticeable contrast between your well-cared-for face and the less pampered neck and chest.

As mentioned, our neck and decolletage skin is relatively skin, thinner skin means naturally less collagen and supporting structures in the dermis which makes it more prone to losing elasticity. Also, the neck and decolletage have fewer sebaceous glands than the face which means less oil is produced which means these areas are more likely to show signs of dehydration and impaired skin barrier function. Therefore, moisturising these areas is non-negotiable, and SPF50 always. Now, there’s no need to spend more money on neck and decolletage specific creams and serums when you can simply extend your face care regime to these areas.

Our 0.25% Encapsulated Retinol has clinically proven anti-aging benefits including improving fine lines and pigmentation. These benefits shouldn’t be kept to just the face, however, It is important to slowly incorporate these actives onto your neck due to the thinness of the skin to ensure you avoid irritation. We always suggest beginning with our Vitamin B3, B5 & Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating serum prior to our other serums to ensure you have optimal skin barrier function that is strong enough to tolerate the stronger actives.

When we talk about aging, most of us focus on the face but our cosmeceutical grade skincare can make just as much impact on the neck and décolletage when helping to fight the signs of aging, such as creping skin, pigmentation and complexion. By incorporating these areas into your skincare regimen, you can maintain a more youthful and cohesive appearance.

By simply extending your skincare regimen to include these often-neglected regions, you can achieve a more youthful, radiant, and harmonious look. Remember, a holistic approach to skincare ensures that you age gracefully from head to toe.


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